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    Heavy duty Truck &trailer TPMS
    1-Full time, real time display tire pressure and temperature
    2-100% wireless transmitting
    3-Sensor transmit tire's pressure and temperature every 5 minutes
    4-Capable of a truck and a trailer with 38 tires in total
    5-Supports trailer-exchange with an optional trailer-exchange repeater
    6-Displays upto 38 tires simultaneously
    7-Operation Temperature: -20 ~ +80
    8-Storage temperature: -30 ~ +85
    9-Cigarette Jet Charger
    10-Input Voltage: 8C30V
    11-Size(L*W*H): 116*68*25mm  Weight: 138g

    12-External or Internal sensors optional
    13-Pressure range: 0-188psi(0~13bar)
    14-Pressure accuracy: 1.5 psi(0.1 bar)
    15-Working temperature: -40 ~ +120
    16-Storage temperature: -40 ~ +125
    17-Temperature accuracy:3
    18-Battery life:2 years(CR1632)  replaceable for External sensors;
    19-Battery life: 5yrs(ER2450T) not replaceable for Internal sensors
    20-Transmission power<10dBm
    21-Transmission frenquency:433.92MHz




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